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The Kindest Kansas Citian

By Nathan

age 11

Dr. Williams is the Kindest Kansas Citian because he is very funny, helpful and a really nice guy. Dr Williams is my dentist. He is very nice and caring. My dad sometimes plays golf with Dr. Williams. Dr Williams is a very well known dentist the the Kansas City area. My dad knew Steve Williams before he became a dentist. Sometimes when I need to get into the dentist's office he comes into the office when he has a day off and fixes my teeth.

Dr. Williams is my Dentist. When I come to the dentist he is very funny and he sometimes makes jokes. He has been my dentist all my life. When I was very little he would talk about someting else so it would get my mind off getting a cavity filled. He is a very honest person. He is very serious sometimes and then very funny. He is a very good dentist.

I think that he does a good job when working on my teeth. I have never had any problems after he works on my teeth. When I come to the dentist's office he asks me if I did anything fun in the past few months or if I went on vacation. He also is very nice to other people who come to his office to get their teeth cleaned. He never runs late. He works on adult's and children's teeth. He is the one of the nicest people I know; he is the kindest Kansas Citian.

 I smile a little bigger

Dr. Williams and his staff are absolutely the best - As a person who has had years of 'Dentist-phobia', I can honestly say, I wish I would have found them sooner. Due to my fears, I had avoided the dentist for so long that I was embarrassed to be seen, not to mention terrified. From the moment I called his office, the staff and Dr. Williams treated with me respect and dignity, and put me at ease. Not only is he a 'pain-free' dentist (big plus for me!), he treats his patients with kindness and compassion. All my questions are heard and answered and even followed up on. The office is easy to find (on the plaza, across from Panera, go to the top of the garage...not hard to find at all!) and the office is soothing, and the equipment is up-to-date and clean. (Who knew you could watch movies while you had your teeth worked on?) As for my teeth - I can tell you the before and after are absolutely night and day (I find myself looking in the mirror and making sure they are really fixed and so nice!) I still have more work to go (many years of neglect aren't fixed overnight!) But each time I leave I smile a little bigger, proud to be getting closer to a smile to show off....and wondering why I ever waited so long! Thank you to Dr. Williams and his whole staff I will be bringing my family to his office from now on - and I will be recommending him to anyone who will ask.

I Regained My Confidence

I had not been to a dentist in quite a while and my teeth were in pretty bad shape. All of my back teeth were gone and the front ones didn't look so good. I finally got up the nerve to see a dentist and a friend recommended Plaza Dental Care and Dr. Williams. It was a long process but Dr. Williams and his staff worked with me and made me feel at ease. I now have teeth that I can chew with and don't have to cover my mouth when I smile. Thanks Doc!

Brian Holt

Lees Summit


Dr. Williams is a true "professionals professional "

If you desire upper tier service in dentistry, I highly recommend Dr. Steve Williams . Great Plaza location with convenient parking and access.

Craig Davis


Reliability and Affability

You make the visit very comfortable. And your track record on the condition of our teeth is excellent. We'll keep coming. You even have good magazines and that ship is awesome. John and Illy


Good and Honest

Everyone I met was pleasant and Dr. Williams was cool, It seems like he knows what he is doing and he is not out just to get ur bread. Antoine

 Professional, Top Quality

I am a "Dental Dightmare" and keeping healthy teeth has always been a challenge.  The care I get from Dr. Williams office has always been caring, professional, and of top quality...caring both about my dental needs and me as  a person.  I like that.


The Best!

You all are so good...THE BEST!!!! I could not ask for a better experience...and that is saying alot since i was in tears every visit 20+ years ago when I stared coming to you. You are a blessing to me and I thank you so much for your kindness and patience during every one of my visits... I know I am difficult but YOU make me feel ok! Thanks a million, Dana W.

Wish I had found Dr. Williams Sooner!
I grew up in a family with a history of little or no dental hygiene. I was 25 years old before I ever saw the inside of a dentist office and then only because of the pain of wisdom teeth coming in. Had them pulled and that was the end of that for another 10 years. Then because of the lack of dental hygiene in my life, I started getting tooth aches, which in my opinion is the worse pain in the world. I began to have some dental work done, but not on a regular basis. And to make matter worse, I am diabetic which really messes with the health of your teeth and gums. But I still wouldn’t listen to the dentist.
A few years ago, I walked into a dentist office because my front teeth seem to be loose. You could have knocked me over with a feather when he told me all my top teeth needed to come out. I went through the ordeal and pain, but it still didn’t sink in to my head the importance of it all. Finally 3 or 4 years ago I started seeing Dr. Williams. Everyone in the office is so caring and sincerely interested in my health that I finally started taking care of my teeth. In the past year I have lost a lot of weight and maintained normal levels for my blood sugar. Last week at a routine cleaning, Leah told me that she was astonished at how my gums had improved.
I still have other major work planned and when it is done, I will only have 6 of my own teeth left. You can bet I am taking really good care of those 6! They are my anchors for the other dental work.
I have few regrets about my life. Most of the things others would like to change in their lives, I prefer to think of as learning experiences. But the one thing I would change is to take care of my teeth and gums. Who knows, I might even still have my own natural teeth and I definitely could have done without the pain. Maybe had I found a dentist and staff like Dr. Williams office, things might have been different. See your dentist regularly and do what they say. There’s nothing like your real teeth!
-Sue Streck
St. Joe

Appointment Reminders

I like that I receive emails and text messages reminding me about my appointments. Thanks!


Extremely Knowledgeable and Through

Susan is excellent! I really enjoy her and of course Steve is extremely knowledgeable and thorough! Thanks!!


Runs Smooth

Everything runs smooth. Very relaxed. Quiet. The movies are great. Dick R.


Very Helpful

Your staff always seems happy to see everyone. I think you and your office staff are always in great moods and very helpful. Janice W.


Pleased with the Technology

I am honestly pleased with the technology, and up to date surroundings. In addition the art work is amazing and calming . The entire office presents itself as we are here to server the patient. Thanks Georgia D. PS I loved the movie.


The Absolute Greatest!

You guys are the absolute greatest. Every medical office should be run like yours!!!!!!!! Jackie P.


Dedicated to the Best Quality Care

It's always easy to make an appointment. I really appreciate all the new technology that is used, you can tell that the office is dedicated to the best quality care (and being able to watch movies is a plus!)


Very Satisfied Patient of 20+ Years

I have been a very satisfied patient for 20+ years and have recommended new people to his office who have raved about Dr. Williams and staff. Mary E.


The Best Dentist in K.C.

Everyone is always wonderful and the care and expertise are of top quality.  I never hesitate to recommend Dr. Williams and his staff to anyone who asks for the best dentist in town.  LouAnn A.


A True Artist!

Dr. Williams is a true artist at his profession. He has never hurt me or made me feel uncomfortable when doing any procedure. I feel completely safe knowing that he and his staff have my best interest at heart. The dental technicians are very good at their profession also. Always go the extra mile in answering my questions or concerns.


Great Place!

I love the ENTIRE staff at Dr. Williams' office. The turnover is almost non-existant since I've been a patient; which I believe makes for happier patients. They are familiar with our history (medical & family), this creates a more relaxed visit. GREAT place to receive services. -Jackie Frost


The Best Hygienist!

I've been going to Dr. Williams for almost 30 years, and as long as he's there, I'm not changing. In times of need, Dr Williams provided caring and pain-free treatment. I appreciate his and his staff's attentiveness to my sensitivities. Leah is the best hygienist I've ever had! Good work everyone! Carol Maphies Overland Park, KS


Compassion and Understanding

I really appreciate your compassion and understanding when I was in extreme pain within the last couple years.  Also, I appreciate everyone taking the time to find the source of the problem.  Barb S.


Part of the Family

Everyone is very friendly & understanding. Feel like part of a family when I come.


Very Welcome

I feel very welcome every time I come and I appreciate the personal touch that every staff member gives me and my family. Sandy P.


Always Glad to see us

Staff are always friendly and glad to see us, and Dr. Williams does a great job. Going to the dentist can be scary, but the team effort really makes it more pleasant! Frank


Feel like a V.I.P.!

What can I say? If not for you I would be on my way to being toothless now! Dr. W and staff--you're the best. I wish all doctors' offices were run like yours. Most medical offices are run with all the charm and compassion of the motor vehicle bureau! Yours is the only one where I really feel like I'm a VIP! - Jackie P.

Very Genuine

Very genuine, friendly and informative staff.  You feel comfortable in asking any questions regarding care, solutions to teeth issues and are given complete explanations and suggestions.  I will continue to seek their excellent care for my dental needs and this is after a long lapse of going without a dentiast.


I was so pleasantly surprised by how painless it was to get the cavities drilled out and replaced.  The best I've ever had.  And my gum wasn't sore for days afterwards.  That never happens.  Since I'm scared to have dental work done you can't imagine how much this relieves my nervousness.  Thanks for everything from the friendly hello to the goodbye was excellent!